Roll With Us! 12 November 2023

Roll With Us! 12 November 2023

Our next event:

14th November 7pm - The Flying Dutchman, Oulton Broad

We love gaming at DDMG, so together with Lunartik and GMD Online we want to share this passion with our customers by offering some regular gaming events in the area!

We will be holding special events in store periodically, in the form of of demoing upcoming games to mini RPG campaign… learn to play sessions and maybe the odd small tournament!

You can join our Facebook here for all the latest chat and info!

On top of this, every Tuesday we offer a free gaming night at a local venue. These are open to everyone of all ages and skill level… you can bring along games and grab a table, or join in with some of the games we will be running. There’s always a selection of games you are welcome to borrow for the evening as well.

We will also be running regular campaigns for those of you that like your RPG adventures, plus themed evenings where we will be hosting specific games.

There is always the option to play what you want, as well, so don’t feel that you have to join in on the themed nights… you can play what you want!

Even if you’ve never played D&D or Magic The Gathering or any of the thousands of other games out there, come along and we will help guide you, and even learn with you!

So no matter which tabletop style games you enjoy, give us a look.… you’ll find dates for upcoming events on the next page.

All our events are suitable for all ages unless expressly mentioned.

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