New comics in stock: 17th November 2023

New comics in stock: 17th November 2023

DC Comics Sandman Green Lantern and Batman Detective Comics

Starting off this weeks delivery with DC Comics, we have the latest issues of Batman Detective Comics #1077, Wesley Dodd's The Sandman # 2 and Green Lantern #5 now in stock. 

Star Wars comics Dark Droids, Doctor Aphra, Mandalorian and Visions

For the Star Wars fans, there's four issues out this week from Marvel... Dark Droids #4, Doctor Aphra #38, Mandalorian Season 2 #6 and the latest Visions comic to round them off.

Image Comics Walking Dead Deluxe and Dynamite Comics Red Sonja

The latest issue of The Walking Dead #77 is out this week from Image Comics, along with Red Sonja #5 from Dynamite Comics.

Marvel Comics Black Panther, Alien, Deadpool Seven Slaughters, Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider

Finally, heading back to Marvel Comics with the new Alien #1 and Deadpool Seven Slaughters #1 series starting this week, with the continuing issues of Black Panther #5, Fantastic Four #13 and Ghost Rider #20.

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