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The Prodigy: Live - World's On Fire (Preowned CD & DVD) US NTSC

The Prodigy: Live - World's On Fire (Preowned CD & DVD) US NTSC

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PLEASE NOTE This is the US version on Region 0 NTSC, and therefore ensure you are able to play it on your equipment!!

Label: Take Me To The Hospital – HOSPCDVD4X, The End Records – HOSPCDVD4X
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 23 May 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Grime, Drum n Bass, Big Beat


Warrior's Dance Festival Milton Keynes Bowl 24.7.2010 1:05:43
CD-1 Intro 0:32
CD-2 Breathe 5:03
CD-3 Omen 3:49
CD-4 Colours 4:06
CD-5 Thunder 2:52
CD-6 Warrior's Dance 4:57
CD-7 Firestarter 4:40
CD-8 Run With The Wolves 4:24
CD-9 Weather Experience 3:58
CD-10 Voodoo People 3:46
CD-11 Omen Reprise 1:22
CD-12 Invaders Must Die 3:46
CD-13 Smack My Bitch Up 5:04
CD-14 Take Me To The Hospital 4:08
CD-15 Everybody In The Place 3:17
CD-16 Their Law 5:29
CD-17 Out Of Space 4:32
Warrior's Dance Festival Milton Keynes Bowl 24.7.2010 1:10:17
DVD-1-1 Intro 1:39
DVD-1-2 Breathe 4:43
DVD-1-3 Omen 4:21
DVD-1-4 Colours 4:07
DVD-1-5 Thunder 2:22
DVD-1-6 Warrior's Dance 4:58
DVD-1-7 Firestarter 4:46
DVD-1-8 Run With The Wolves 4:43
DVD-1-9 Weather Experience 3:51
DVD-1-10 Voodoo People 3:54
DVD-1-11 Omen Reprise 1:01
DVD-1-12 Invaders Must Die 3:46
DVD-1-13 Smack My Bitch Up 5:47
DVD-1-14 Take Me To The Hospital 5:00
DVD-1-15 Everybody In The Place 2:37
DVD-1-16 Their Law 5:56
DVD-1-17 Out Of Space 5:19
DVD-1-18 Credits 1:20
Invaders Alive 1:06:22
DVD-2-1 Run With The Wolves (Brixton, London) 6:50
DVD-2-2 Spitfire / Mescaline (Brazil) 10:53
DVD-2-3 Breathe (Slane Castle, Ireland) 5:16
DVD-2-4 Poison (Glastonbury, England) 7:20
DVD-2-5 Warning (T In The Park, Scotland) 5:54
DVD-2-6 Japanese Film 5:31
DVD-2-7 Voodoo People (Bestival & Paris, France) 5:59
DVD-2-8 USA Film 5:29
DVD-2-9 UK Arena Tour Film 6:32
DVD-2-10 Smack My Bitch Up (Isle Of Wight To Download, England) 6:35
Easter Eggs 10:20
DVD-3-1 The Chase (Brixton Academy) 4:06
DVD-3-2 Mescaline 0:54
DVD-3-3 Out Of Space 1:49
DVD-3-4 Keef's Camping Shop Review 3:31
DVD-4-1 Photo Gallery 4:31
Easter Eggs:
DVD-3.1 = push up on photo gallery.
DVD-3.2 = push down on credits.
DVD-3.3 = push down, down, down, right, down from 5.1 surround.
DVD-3.4 = push down on Invaders Alive select target.
Push up on Live At Warrior's Dance Festival select target to select "Pitch Speed" which changes the menu and background music.
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