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Onslaught 2-Player Starter Bundle

Onslaught 2-Player Starter Bundle

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Start your Onslaught adventure with the 2-Player Starter Bundle! Get two deck packs and two sets of RPG dice for a discounted price. Embark on a journey to defeat enemies with strategic card battles and your own custom dice. Save money and have a great time with your friend - let Onslaught take you away!

About Onslaught:

Onslaught is a 2+ player competitive card & dice game.

You are an inter-dimensional Celestial Entity, participating in a deadly game of life & death set across the Multiverse of the Nexus, a collection of worlds both wondrous & mysterious. Your journey has taken you across time & space through the CORE Worlds to recruit Champions and an arsenal of tricks to help conquer your opponents, in a deadly game of Celestial power. Victor takes dominion over the territory being contested.

Do you have what it takes to expand your domain?

Win the game by defeating your enemies champions!

PLEASE NOTE: Colour of dice may vary from that shown

Head off on your next role-playing adventure with a new set of dice.

Comprising of 7 dice (one of each) D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and a D100, these dice will look great at the table and help you get those all important rolls!

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