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Record Collector #543 - April 2023

Record Collector #543 - April 2023

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THE WHO ONSTAGE - Pete Townshend insists he’s never cared much for playing live. Roger Daltrey counters that he’s always loved it (and so has Pete, he suspects), and inbetween ever-trenchant opinions, they take us through some of The Who’s landmark shows dating all the way back to The Marquee in 1964

PAULINE BLACK - Now about to release The Selecter’s 16th album, Ms Black (now OBE, FYI) is one of 2 Tone’s most enduring figures. She tells RC how she still loves confounding people’s expectations

KEITH EMERSON - We trace the career of the late ELP keyboard pioneer via photos from a new book about the great man, with narrative help from his partner, Mari Kawaguchi, and son Aaron

DAN AUERBACH - Where else to take half of The Black Keys and a committed crate-digger than a vinyl emporium, to discuss his dual life as fan and performer?

THE ONLY ONES - As a new book is published about one of punk’s greatest nearly-weres, we adapt it to tell the story of that tune – Another Girl, Another Planet

LEWIS TAYLOR - Once the boy most likely to, championed by Weller, Elton et al, this eclectic London songwriter has spent much of the early 21st century hidden from view. Now he’s back with a new album to tell us what the hell happened

FROM THE VAULTS - Reissues and box sets reviewed from the likes of 10cc, Pink Floyd and Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello

NEW ALBUMS - Depeche Mode and Lana Del Rey are just two of the artists with new albums we have been listening to

BOOKS - A fresh new angle on the Fabs plus books on Karen Carpenter and AC/DC

SINGLES - 45s from artists as diverse as Iggy Pop, Thee Headcoats and The Masonics

LIVES - Show reports from across the nation including KT Tunstall and John Cale

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