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Odyssey Premiere Flute Care Kit

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Original price £33.99
£33.99 - £33.99
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Microfibre swab, 2-in-1 polishing cloth, cleaning pad paper, duster brush, real chamois leather cloth, key oil, cordura carrying case.

How to use:

1. Pass the end of the polishing cloth through the hole in the tip of the cleaning rod.
Wrap the polishing cloth around the cleaning rod so that the metallic part of the cleaning rod's tip is not exposed.
3. Remove the moisture from the main tube of the flute by turning the rod in the same direction as the direction in which the cloth is wrapped around the rod.

Cleaning paper

Insert cleaning paper between the pad and the tone hole, and lightly press the key a few times. Repeat this operation two or three times, applying the paper to different spots on the pad.

• Be careful that the action of pressing the key does not displace the paper.
• If the pads are sticky, use powder paper on them.

Removing dirt from the surface of the instrument

Gently wipe the length of the body of the flute with a polishing cloth, taking care not to apply pressure to the keys.

It's crucial that a flute be played every day to prevent discoloration. If dark spots appear on the surface of the flute that can't be wiped off with a polishing cloth alone, it may be effective to use a silver cloth and or silver polish, which are sold separately.