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No Artist: Sound Effects No. 2 [PREOWNED VINYL] M-/M-

No Artist: Sound Effects No. 2 [PREOWNED VINYL] M-/M-

Label: BBC Records – RED 76M, BBC Records – RED 76
Series: BBC Sound Effects – 2
Format: Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Mono, Pye Distribution Labels
Country: UK
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Field Recording, Special Effects


Summer Backgrounds
A1a Skylark Flight Song 0:48
A1b Crickets Chirping 1:05
Horse & Pony
A2a Pony Whinnies 0:03
A2b Horse Moves Off, Walks, Stops 1:05
A2c Pony Snorts 0:02
A2d Horse Restless 0:35
A2e Horse Canters On Turf 1:03
A2f Frightened Ponies 0:40
The Hunt
A3a At The Meet: Moves Off 1:35
A3b Canters Past On Road 0:43
A3c In Full Cry 1:02
A3d Horn Calls: For'ard Away; Calling Hounds On Move 0:18
A3e At The Gallop 1:05
Special Effects & Crowds
A4a Men Rioting 1:05
Pneumatic Drill
A4b Drilling In Bursts 0:55
A4c Carnival Mood 1:00
A4d Music Bubbling 0:35
Children: Play & Sports
A5a 5½ Year Olds In Playground 0:58
A5b Sports Day Atmosphere 0:47
A5c Race, With Cheering 0:24
A5d Race, With Starter 0:22
Household Sounds
A6a Water Running In 1:06
A6b Water Running Out 0:58
A6c Flush (Modern) 0:15
A6d Flush (Old Fashioned) 0:13
Vacuum Cleaner
A6e Start, Cleaning, Stop 1:04
Lawn Mowers
Hand Mower
A7a Slow Pushes 0:14
A7b Start, Mowing, Stop 1:02
Rotary Motor Mower
A7c False Starts 0:11
A7d Start, Revving, Stop 0:27
A7e Start, Mowing, Stop 1:08
B1a Single Shots 0:08
Machine Gun
B1b Automatic Bursts 0:13
B1c Single Shot 0:05
B1d Random Shots 0:28
Automatic Rifle
B1e Single Burst 0:05
B1f Firing In Bursts 0:30
B1g Shots With Ricochets 0:26
Firing Party (World War I)
B1h With Commands 0:40
B1i Volley, Without Commands 0:05
B2a 120 Paces To The Minute With Halt 1:00
B2b In Broken Step 1:00
Helicopter (Bristol Sycamore S171)
B3a Start, Warm Up, Take Off 1:47
B3b (Interior) Constant Flight 0:40
B3c Hovering Overhead 0:41
B3d Approach, Land, Switch Off 1:52
B4a Jet Dive & Crash 0:40
B4b Piston Engined, Dive & Crash 0:20
B4c Approach, Skid, Crash 0:22
B4d Close 0:03
B4e Distant 0:09
B4f Assorted Crashes 0:37
Ambulance & Taxi
B5a Approach & Stop 0:17
B5b Passing 0:17
B5c Departs 0:20
B5d Door Open & Close 0:05
B5e Self-start & Depart 0:33
B5f Approach & Stop 0:35
B5g Approach, Stop, Tickover, Depart 0:55
Sports Car (Triumph TR3)
B6a Door Open 0:02
B6b Door Close 0:02
B6c Start, Ticking Over, Switch Off 0:37
B6d Start, Revving, Depart 0:20
B6e (Interior) Start Into Constant Run 0:50
B6f Passing At Speed 0:22
B6g Approach & Stop 0:20
40 H.P. Outboard Speedboat
B7a Departs 0:35
B7b Start Into A Constant Run 0:55
B7c Passing At Speed 0:46
B7d Approach & Stop 0:38
B7e Tickover 0:30
4 H.P. Outboard Motor Boat
B7f False Start 0:08
B7g Start, Constant Run, Stop 1:02

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