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Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm ~ Sunday 10am - 4pm

2 x Replacement Rollers for SPINCARE Record Cleaning Machine

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Original price
£7.95 - £7.95
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Restore your SPINCARE record cleaning machine (RCM) to optimal performance with a replacement set of rollers. The rollers ensure that your record freely turns in the machine, giving a deep, effective clean every time. Simply remove your old rollers, and plug in a new set and you will be cleaning again in seconds. Each set of rollers cleans approximately 500 records before they will need replacing.

  • ✅ 2 PACK - Includes a pack of 2 replacement rollers for the SPINCARE record cleaning machine (RCM)
  • ✅ EASY TO FIT - Simply remove your old rollers and plug in a new set to get your SPINCARE RCM back to its best in seconds.
  • ✅ DEEP CLEAN - A new set of rollers will ensure your records can spin freely in your SPINCARE RCM, ensuring a deep, effective clean of all of your favourite recordings.
  • ✅ 500 CLEAN RECORDS - Allows for approximately 500 cleans before they will need replacing with a new set.
  • ✅ OTHER SUPPLIES AVAILABLE - See our other listings for SPINCARE RCM supplies including replacement velvet brushes, rollers and 150ml cleaning solution.